Graffiti Management Specialists

If your local council does not provide a graffiti removal service, you may choose to remove the graffiti yourself or pay for a professional cleaning service to remove it for you. If you choose to remove the graffiti yourself, remember to follow the safety advice according to the cleaning product.
If you require professional assistance, there are a number of different graffiti removal services around Perth. You may require a graffiti removal service to clean graffiti from your property/asset, or you may require a surface application provider to apply an anti-graffiti coating to your property/asset.

If you are looking for graffiti removal services, click here to download a list of service providers. Alternatively, your may wish to do a quick internet search for 'graffiti removal'. 

Tips for Graffiti Removal

The type of material used to damage surfaces (e.g. spray can, marker) and the type of surface damaged (e.g. brick, painted surfaces) will determine the most effective removal method. Information that may be of assistance is provided below.

Brick, render, limestone and natural surfaces

•     A number of specific graffiti removal products are available from retail outlets.
•     Household products, which may be effective, include cold caustic oven cleaners (spray the oven cleaner onto the damaged area and leave for 6-8 hours, scrub the surface with a hard scrubbing brush and wash off with water). It is important to wear gloves and safety glasses for protection when using oven cleans – DO NOT USE CAUSTICS ON OR NEAR ALUMINIUM.
•     Liquid laundry detergent or methylated spirits may be effective for marker damage

Fibro-cement (“super-six”) fences

•     Painting out graffiti damage is recommended, as this type of surface is porous.
•     Painting out an entire sheet or sheets of fencing will help achieve a more uniform appearance and prevent the fence from appearing "patchy"
•     Try paint that is Asbestos Grey or Polished Grey in colour for a close colour match.

Painted surfaces

•     Repainting a painted surface is the often the most effective method of removing graffiti as it does not affect the existing paint finish.
•     When repainting a surface, the matched colour should always be used (experience shows that the use of a contrasting colour may attract further graffiti as the ‘patch’ will provide a ‘frame’ for the vandal’s work).