Etching or scratching graffiti involves is when someone marks or gouges marking a surface; typically glass, wood or plastic, with an a sharp object or acid.

We recommend trying to stop etching from happening in the first place. There are ways that you can make it less likely that someone will do this to your property. 

Preventing etching

Adding a protective film can be an effective method of preventing damage to glass and other smooth surfaces can stop the surface from being damaged by etching or scratching.

Protective film will work best if you also try other ways of preventing graffiti, like such as added lighting. You can read more about ways to prevent graffiti on our Prevent graffiti page.

Removing etching

The most effective method of removingbest way to remove etched graffiti will depends on the type of surface damaged. 

For glass with a protective film, you can usually just peel off the film and replace it. If your glass doesn’t have a no protective film, is present, the glass may need to have specialist grinding.

For etching on a wood, surface, the best way to remove it is to sand back the surface and re-treat. 

If the you’re not able to remove the etching, you may need to replace the surface.