Remove Graffiti

Rapid graffiti removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it diminishes the level of recognition and reward achieved by graffiti vandals. Prompt graffiti removal also prevents assets from appearing uncared for.

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Overall the State Government’s approach to managing graffiti vandalism is to encourage the owners of assets to remove graffiti from their assets as soon as possible, with the preferred target being within 48-hours (from the time of reporting), or immediately if the graffiti is racist or obscene.

Has your property been vandalised with graffiti?

If your private residence/business has been vandalised with graffiti you may require a professional graffiti removal service.  Some local councils offer a graffiti removal service so please contact your local council for more information.

If your local council does not offer graffiti removal as a service, for tips on graffiti removal and a registry of professional removal services click on Graffiti Management Specialists.


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