Remove Graffiti

Removing graffiti quickly is one of the best ways to reduce graffiti. The less time graffiti is on public or private property, the less people will see it. This means the graffiti will have less status and the person who did it will get less recognition. This fast action will deter people from graffitiing in this location again. Getting rid of graffiti quickly also stops your property from looking like no-one cares about it. 

You can read more about the research on why removing graffiti quickly is important on our Rapid Removal page.

The State Graffiti Taskforce wants owners to remove graffiti as soon as possible. This is the best way to cut down on the amount of graffiti. The best way is to remove graffiti within 48 hours from the time the graffiti is reported. If the graffiti is racist or offensive, it should be removed straight away. 

Has your property been vandalised with graffiti?

If your home or business has been vandalised with graffiti you may require a professional graffiti removal service.  Some local councils offer a graffiti removal service so please contact your local council for more information.

If your local council does not have a graffiti removal service, you can try to remove the graffiti yourself or hire somebody to remove it.  For a guide on removing graffiti yourself click here.  For a list of professional removal services click on Graffiti Management Specialists.


Etching or scratching graffiti is when a surface is marked or gouged into. Click here for information on removing etching.