New Innovations

Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping can work well to stop graffiti on a range of surfaces and assets. Vinyl wrapping:

  • Protects the surface from graffiti
  • Makes graffiti easier to remove
  • Improves the look of the object or structure. 

Vinyl wrapping also means that artwork and designs can be added to an object, without having to paint or mark the surface.

When choosing the vinyl, select a product that is tough, durable, and suitable for the surface. A protective film should also be used to further protect the vinyl. 

Any design printed on vinyl to stop graffiti should be ‘busy’ and avoid large solid blocks of colour. The use of lots of dark colouring should also be avoided, as this may attract additional heat and shorten the lifespan of the vinyl.

Vinyl wrapping on traffic signal control boxes in West Perth