Prevent Graffiti

Designing out Crime is a strategy to reduce opportunities for crime through the design and management of buildings and gardens.

Designing out Crime is based on the idea that good design and use of buildings and gardens can lead to a reduction in crime, and reduce the community's fear that crime might occur.

Designing out Graffiti

We have developed information on how to apply these principles to Design out GraffitiClick here to download the Designing out Graffiti booklet. 

Running through our checklist may help you to find areas where you can use Designing out Graffiti ideas to protect your home or business. Click here to download the Checklist.

*Please remember to talk to your local council about any structural changes to your property, so that you meet local building standards.*

Etching and scratching

Click here for specific information on preventing scratching and etching

For more information on preventing crime, go to the Western Australia Police Force Publications page.