New Innovations

There are currently many methods available for the prevention and removal of graffiti ranging from protective surface products to fast activating remover products. Here are some products available that you may like to use:

Graffiti Guard is a solution that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to protect the surface and allow removal of all forms of graffiti.

Environmental Coatings is a distributor and licensed applicator for a range of coatings designed to assist businesses with protecting assets and reducing their carbon footprint.

Total Anti Graffiti Solutions is a supplier of graffiti removal services and products for businesses and private home owners.

Graffiti Security Systems is a business installing systems which flood surfaces with light, and protects using a pressurised spray that covers the wall with not only a fine sheet of running water, but a fine spiral mist.

Etching Prevention & Removal

llegally etching or scratching into surfaces is an increasing issue for asset owners due to the frequency of damage and the cost in replacing the etched/scratched surface. The Graffiti Team has investigated etching prevention and removal products that may be of use for certain surface-types. 

Glass Renu offers a full line of products for the removal of scratches and acid damage from all types of glass due to graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti and altiform plastics supplies recycled plastic (HDPE, High Density Polyethylene) which has excellent properties for Graffiti  removal including etching.

Graffiti Guard anti-graffiti films protect glass from  vandalism and the adhesive in the film is also specifically designed to help cover-up existing scratches. 

3M created Scotchguard Multi Layer Protective Film which is a multi layered anti graffiti film to protect glass and smooth surfaces  from defacement.