Prevent Graffiti

Designing out Crime is a crime prevention strategy which aims to reduce opportunities for crime through the design and management of the built and landscaped environment. 

It is also known as CPTED (pronounced ‘sep-ted’), which is an acronym for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. It is based on the theory that “the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life”.

Designing out Graffiti

Designing out Graffiti is about applying CPTED principles with graffiti reduction and prevention in mind. The WA Police Force Graffiti Team has developed an information resource for community members and asset owners on how to apply these principles to Design out Graffiti. Click here to download the Designing out Graffiti booklet. 

The Graffiti Team have also developed a series of information guides on specific aspects of Designing out Graffiti. Click the links below to download the guides:

 For more information on Designing out Crime click on the following links:

  *Please remember to consult your local council in relation to any structural modifications/additions to your property, to ensure local building standards are met*


Innovations in Graffiti

Information on new innocations in graffiti prevention is available to assist local councils keep current in preventing graffiti. View New Innovations for contemporary prevention ideas. 

Urban Art

Urban art can be an effective graffiti prevention strategy, if undertaken at a graffiti hotspot location with appropriate approvals and community consultation.  Click Urban Art to read more.

Graffiti Management Toolkit

The Graffiti Management Toolkit is a comprehensive resource which can be used across all levels of the community to assist asset owners in managing and preventing graffiti vandalism. Click Graffiti Management Toolkit to learn more.