Graffiti Management Plan

The WA Police Force Graffiti Team has designed a Graffiti Management Plan as a guide to planning a strategy to manage graffiti vandalism at Local Government level in Western Australia.

When planning for graffiti management it is essential to consider Best Practice and to incorporate a variety of graffiti reduction and prevention initiatives. The Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2022-2023 provides a way forward in the delivery of graffiti vandalism reduction initiatives.

Graffiti Management plans based on the goals of the strategy will provide direction for local government in reducing graffiti vandalism.  The WA Police Force Graffiti Team recommends when this occurs a plan is produced identifying current policies of merging councils and ensuring that the new strategy adheres to the goals of the Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2022-2023 are collated into one Graffiti Management Plan. If you would like to access the Plan you can find it at Graffiti Management Plan. If you would like further support to set up your new Graffiti Management Plan please contact the WA Police Force Graffiti Team.