Graffiti Pathways and Penalties


One way or another, graffiti vandalism will cost you

If you are engaging in graffiti vandalism then you may not be aware of the legal consequences. Not only can it lead to a criminal record, it may also prevent you from getting a job or being able to travel to other countries later in life.

Graffiti pathways

You can pursue other pathways that could see you earning a living off your art.

Community art projects:

Councils regularly seek expressions of interest from artists within the community who are interested in revamping public spaces. Not only is this work paid, but it’ll ensure your work stays up for longer. Please contact your local council to see if they have any upcoming projects. Also The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website has information on grants and funding.

Become a freelance artist:

Many artists have made a name for themselves both nationally and internationally by offering their skills as freelance artists. Imagine being paid to put up a piece inside a café or bar! If you are an urban artist or are interested in becoming one here is some information on how to get involved. FORM is an arts organisation that focuses on multiartform programming tailored to specific communities and a great contact for freelance artists. Another contact is Artsource who engage with and support Western Australian visual with practical, affordable and relevant services. 


Legal consequences of graffiti

Penalties for graffiti vandalism include:

Adult – 18 years and older
     - Up to 2 years imprisonment; and/or
     - Up to $24,000 in fines.

Juvenile - under 18 years
     - Police caution or referral to a Juvenile Justice Team;
     - Youth community based order – such as the Juvenile Clean Up Program

Lifeline offers counselling that respects everyone’s right to be heard, understood and cared for. They also provide information about other support services that are available in communities around Australia.   Telephone – 13 11 14 or visit their website.

Kids Helpline Australia's only free, private and confidential, 24/7 telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25.  Telephone – 1800 55 1800 or visit their website.