The Goodbye Graffiti website is available to community members who wish to report graffiti vandalism on any asset.  Reports are forwarded to relevant local councils and major asset owners as notification for removal of graffiti vandalism.

Benefits to local councils:

  • Each graffiti report goes directly to the asset owner for removal;
  • Asset owners are advised of graffiti on day of receiving report, or at the latest, on the next working day of receiving the report;
  • A police report is lodged when the victim of graffiti reports;
  • Photos are collected and added to victim reports pending further investigation;
  • Reporters are advised of any graffiti clean-up services offered in their area (hotline only);
  • If an offence is in progress, Police are notified immediately to respond (hotline only);
  • Police intelligence is gathered and maintained, for investigation & intelligence purposes;
  • Free brochures and posters are available to all local councils promoting the hotline and website; and
  • Local councils can access weekly statistic reports.