Private Property

Private properties are often a target for graffiti offenders, and managing costs associated with removing graffiti can be difficult. By taking simple steps to report, remove and prevent, the likelihood of being a target for future graffiti vandalism can be reduced.


If you have graffiti vandalism on your property it is important to make a report to notify police that the incident has occurred. 
Reporting graffiti vandalism is easy and can be done on our reporting form.

Be sure to take photos if you can to attach to your report.

If the graffiti is racist or obscene, or you witness someone committing a graffiti offence, please call police on 131 444.


Rapid removal is the most effective way to prevent further graffiti vandalism. While the initial cost of removal may seem high, evidence shows that consistent, rapid removal will deter graffiti vandals as it reduces their exposure.

Some local government authorities will remove graffiti from private property, but not all do so please contact your council to check their policies.


Designing our Graffiti is a crime prevention strategy that aims to reduce the opportunity for crime through the design and management of the built and landscaped environments. By making small changes to the environment around your business, you can help prevent graffiti from occurring on your property. 

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