WaterCorp Splash of Colour

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Watercorp cabinet decorated in colourful artwork.

Water Corporation’s community art project, ‘Splash of Colour’, was launched in 2017 and aims to engage the local community with water issues, turning Water Corporation grey electrical cabinets and pump stations into colourful works of public art.

So far over 40 Splash of Colour projects have been completed across the State.  These projects have transformed highly visible infrastructure into something more fun and improved the livability and aesthetics of the area.

Working with many talented local artists to bring the structures to life, Water Corporation also involved the community and school groups in the development of some artistic concepts, enhancing their connection to water and igniting a conversation about water and sustainability relevant to where they live.

Artwork sites are carefully selected based on their prominence, as well as community feedback to help deter any potential vandalism, while contributing to a more vibrant community for all. While it’s still early days, the Splash of Colour program has had the additional benefit of helping to minimise graffiti on Water Corporation infrastructure and there have not been any reports of graffiti vandalism at any of the sites to date.

For further information about the Splash of Colour program, visit Water Corp Splash of Colour

 Watercorp cabinet decorated in colourful artwork.

Location: Hartung Street, Mundaring
Artist: Mel McVee
“The Pardalote peeks through the Geraldton Wax at the mid-way tower of the Mundaring Weir.  Whether it is a small native bird or our more iconic river plants, all our species rely on our scarce water sources. Water is so precious in this desert surrounded state that we need ensure that we have a clean, abundant supply for both our children and our environment for many years to come.” - Mel McVee

Watercorp cabinets at Middleton Beach with colourful artwork.

Location: Garden Street, Middleton Beach
Artist: Glenn Hegedus
"The protector and the cleansers. From the ocean, earth, mountains and waterways - the creatures maintain the balances and duality of life” - Glenn Hegedus