City of Mandurah Community Youth Art Project

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Western Power Box with artwork

The City of Mandurah have piloted a Community Youth Art Project that enhances Western Power boxes with urban art to deter graffiti and vandalism. The Western Power box chosen was recognised as a regular graffiti hot spot location, as identified by the City’s graffiti treatment officers.

The project aimed to:
•Develop and enhance the artistic skills amongst the local young people involved;
•Increase community connection and pride amongst the local young people involved;
•Decrease graffiti vandalism though exciting and innovation artwork.

The first Western Power box was completed alongside students from Coodanup Community College, whom were involved in a 4-week workshop to create the artwork design that was manufactured onto the power box. The power box has been digitally wrapped and is durable, low maintenance and graffiti resistant. 
To measure the success of the pilot project, evaluation surveys were completed by both the participating students and by the residents whom lived in close proximity to the power box. The surveys demonstrated a positive impact amongst both residents and students for this project.
Following the demonstrated success of this project, the City will continue to deliver this project and look forward to working alongside students from Halls Head Community College to produce artwork for the next selected Western Power box.