City of Gosnells Safe City Education Project

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City of Gosnells sign and road

The City of Gosnells has a zero tolerance to graffiti and has an anti-graffiti team that removes graffiti as soon as possible after notification.  Racist and offensive graffiti is removed immediately if we are allowed access to it, after Police enquiries have been made.  The anti-graffiti team removes graffiti from City assets, private homes and businesses under certain conditions and works closely with the Police to ensure a coordinated approach to identifying and prosecuting graffiti vandals. 

The City has developed Business TAG (Together Against Graffiti) to assist businesses to remove graffiti from their property. Through sponsorship from a professional graffiti removal company, local businesses can receive up to $1,000 of graffiti removal at height that is visible from a public road or adjoins a public open space. Businesses are provided with information on how they can reduce the risk of graffiti at their premises, a DIY removal kit to remove any small amounts of graffiti that may occur and are encouraged to report graffiti to the WA Police Force.

The City’s Safe City Education Project for Schools (SEPS) deals with crime prevention on a basic level and helps students understand the importance of reporting graffiti and vandalism, how to encourage parents to join Neighbourhood Watch and how to become more responsible members of the community.  The program is free to all schools in the City and is presented by representatives from WA Police and Safe City.