Community Initiatives

In addition to significant clean-up and removal costs, graffiti vandalism also impacts on communities in other significant ways by damaging civic pride, encouraging further criminal activity, devaluating property, intimidating residents and generating fear and anger.

How are communities responding?

Many local governments and their communities are proactive in addressing graffiti and other offending behaviours, and have their own graffiti management strategies in place to target specific graffiti problems within their jurisdiction. Use the links below to learn about some local graffiti management strategies and initiatives in place within our State.  Please note, the graffiti initiatives highlighted do not necessarily reflect the views of WA Police or State Government.

Do you have a local graffiti management strategy or initiative you want to highlight?

If you have a local graffiti management strategy or initiative that you would like to share with other communities please email WA Police Graffiti Team.

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