Businesses are regularly targeted by graffiti vandals. Business owners and operators may find useful information below to help manage the costs involved.

Legislation affecting small business

The Graffiti Vandalism Act 2016 prohibits the sale of graffiti implements to a child. The maximum penalty for a first offence is a fine of $6,000 and $12,000 for a subsequent offence. This means no person under the age of 18 years can purchase graffiti implements.

Under section 7 of the Graffiti Vandalism Act, a graffiti implement means any of these –

  1. a can of spray paint
  2. a pen or marker, or a similar implement that –
    1. has a tip over 6 mm wide; and
    2. contains a fluid that is not water soluble and that is capable of marking a surface.

Support for businesses

Hotspot Intervention Program

The WA Police Force Graffiti Team has worked in partnership with small business owners and local councils to reduce graffiti vandalism at hotspot locations. A CPTED Audit is completed and a series of recommendations made to the property/asset owner, regarding appropriate techniques to reduce the opportunity for graffiti by potential offenders. If your small business premises is a repeat victim of graffiti vandalism and you would like to review the CPTED techniques available, please contact the WA Police Force Graffiti Team.

Goodbye Graffiti Resources

Posters and brochures to raise awareness and encourage the reporting of graffiti are available at no cost for your business. Resources can be sent out to businesses to display. Go to our Resources page to select what you would like sent to you.

 Poster: It is illegal to sell graffiti implements to a person under 18 years


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