Code of Practice

Codes of Practice for the sale and supply of spray paint and other graffiti materials, such as large markers (‘Artline’ markers) are increasing in popularity as a means to address graffiti vandalism.

The rationale behind such measures is the belief that if the materials (spray paint, markers) used by graffiti vandals to commit graffiti offences is restricted, this will result in an overall decrease in graffiti vandalism.

It is illegal in Western Australia to sell spray paint and certain marker pens or similar implements to persons under 18 years of age as these items may be used for applying graffiti



Voluntary Codes of Practice

A voluntary Code of Practice for retailers selling potential graffiti materials (namely spray paint and wide tip markers) has been considered as an alternative to legislation, to encourage retailers to take responsible steps to limit the likelihood of theft and possible sales to potential graffiti vandals.

 In May 2006 the WA Police Force Crime Prevention Team conducted a number of site inspections to determine current sale and storage practices.

The inspections highlighted an existing knowledge among retailers about the importance of securing materials that can be used for illegal and/or self-harming purposes, including graffiti and chroming (the inhaling of solvent based products).

The majority of retailers had some practice in place to prevent or limit the opportunity of theft from their premises or sales to individuals who were identified as potential graffiti offenders or substance abusers.