State Graffiti Taskforce

The Taskforce has been allocated responsibility to manage and be accountable for the implementation and outcomes of the State Government’s commitment to reducing graffiti vandalism through its Tough on Graffiti initiatives.

The Government has demonstrated, in earnest, a whole-of-government approach in tackling graffiti vandalism by ensuring that the Taskforce has high level multi-agency membership, and active member participation in the development and coordination of the five year Strategy.

The Graffiti Team forms the foundation on which the effective and efficient delivery of the Graffiti Taskforce and Tough on Graffiti initiatives will be managed. Graffiti Team Project Officers are responsible for undertaking research, development, implementation and monitoring of all initiatives, while also providing advice to the Taskforce regarding innovation and progress towards Strategy outcomes.

Representatives on the State Graffiti Taskforce include: