Graffiti Vandalism Strategy

The State Graffiti Taskforce has developed a guiding document for the delivery of graffiti management across the state. The Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2022 - 2023 outlines the key principles.

The purpose of the strategy is to provide a new and comprehensive path forward to deliver the goal of reducing graffiti vandalism.

The Strategy’s Vision

The vision of the Strategy is to reduce graffiti vandalism to contribute to Western Australians feeling safe living in their communities. The vision will be achieved through the following three goals.

1. Promote Partnerships
2. Reporting and removing graffiti vandalism
3. Prevention and policing graffiti vandalism

A number of initiatives have been developed to assist in achieving the Strategy goals. 

Goal 1: Promote Partnerships

Private Property Support

Engage with private property owners to educate and support graffiti reporting, removal and prevention initiatives.

School Education

School Based Education Program

Develop curriculum based prevention resources aimed to educate West Australian students at the age of attitudinal change. The resources focus on the consequence of graffiti vandalism with an aim to build resilience in young people.

Community awareness and support


Assist Local Government Authorities and not-for-profit organisations with strategies to report, remove and prevent graffiti vandalism.

Goodbye Graffiti resources 

Hard copy and on line resources are available to assist with community campaigns.

Goodbye Graffiti website 

The Goodbye Graffiti website provides community awareness and support to stakeholders about graffiti reporting, prevention and removal strategies.

Stakeholder engagement

Strengthening Partnerships with all stakeholders involved in graffiti management, such as Local Council Authorities, Schools, Private Property the Community and the State Graffiti Taskforce.

Goal 2: Reporting and removing graffiti vandalism

Standardised reporting

Police Assistance Centre

Although moving towards on-line reporting the Police Assistance Centre can provide an avenue to report graffiti vandalism.

On-line reporting

An easy to use web tool to capture more accurate graffiti reports for the community.

Goodbye Graffiti Database

Create consistent and standardised reporting from asset owners to enable an accurate measurement of graffiti vandalism.

Clean-up and rapid removal

Infrastructure Owners, state government agencies and community to participate in rapid removal techniques based on a 48 hour turnaround standard for removal of graffiti.


The State Graffiti Taskforce will examine trends and achievements within the State Graffiti Strategy to fine tune strategies in real time.

Goal 3: Prevention and policing graffiti vandalism

Intelligence led Policing

State wide database of graffiti intelligence

Intelligence on graffiti offenders will be maintained as a tool for frontline Police to facilitate the management of prolific priority offenders.

Targeted graffiti operations

WA Police Force, as required, will commit to graffiti operations targeting prolific offenders.

Rewards Program

Rewarding members of the Community for providing information that leads to the apprehension/caution of a graffiti offender.

Youth Diversion

Juvenile Clean-up Program

Operate a restorative justice program for offender referrals from Juvenile Justice Teams to a contracted graffiti removal professional.

Extend initiatives to reduce adolescent crime by countering reward perceptions and building young people’s resilience. These initiatives will attempt to create a diversion to safer, crime free pathways.

Designing out graffiti

Encourage adoption of 'Designing out Graffiti' principles in the design and management of built and landscaped environments.

Focus on graffiti hotspots

Create a focus on “hotspot” locations to reduce opportunities for graffiti vandalism.