Graffiti Vandalism Strategy

In 2010, The State Graffiti Taskforce developed the two guiding documents for the delivery of graffiti management across Western Australia.

The Tough on Graffiti Implementation Plan clearly articulates agency roles and responsibilities in the delivery of the Strategy.

The Tough-on-Graffiti-Strategy 2015-2017 outlines the guiding principles for the the purpose of the Strategy is to provide a new way forward in the delivery of graffiti vandalism reduction initiatives that more effectively and appropriately respond to address offender behaviour and graffiti vandalism in Western Australia.

The Strategy’s Vision

The vision of the Strategy is that all Western Australians feel safe living in communities which are free of graffiti vandalism. The vision will be achieved through the following three goals.

1. Decrease the number of graffiti vandalism offenders

2. Keep neighbourhoods free from graffiti vandalism

3. Ensure all graffiti vandalism is reported

A number of initiatives have been developed to assist in achieving the Strategy goals. Click on the below initiatives for more information.

Goal 1: Decrease the number of graffiti vandalism offenders

Juvenile Clean-up Program – Operate a program for offender referrals from Juvenile Justice Teams to a contracted graffiti removal professional.

School Based Education Program – Curriculum based graffiti vandalism prevention program aimed to educate WA students state wide;

Intelligence Led Policing – Development of a state wide database of graffiti tags and associated offenders as a tool for frontline Police in targeting prolific offenders;

Legislation & Penalties – Increased penalties for graffiti offenders and introduction of new legislation banning the sale of aerosol paint and specific graffiti markers to any person under 18 years;

Rewards Program – Rewarding members of the Community for providing information that leads to the apprehension/caution of a graffiti offender;

Graffiti Vandalism Act - Commence development of a comprehensive Graffiti Management Act which incorporates existing legislation and investigates new legislative initiatives;

Responsible Media Coverage of Graffiti Vandalism – A set of guidelines for media outlets to report responsibly on graffiti vandalism.

Goal 2: To keep neighbourhoods free from graffiti vandalism

Grant Funding – Assist Local Governments Authorities and not-for-profit organisations with strategies to prevent, remove and graffiti;

Rapid Removal - Infrastructure Owners, state government agencies and community participate in 48 hour turnaround standard for removal of graffiti;

Graffiti Removal Course– Provide subsidised training support to Local Government and community in safe and effective graffiti removal;

Strengthening Partnerships – Provide ongoing support to Local Governments that builds upon existing partnerships and strengthens local solutions aimed at addressing graffiti vandalism issues;

Service Level Agreements – Introduction of a graffiti removal model that assists local government and other infrastructure owners to work together in expediting removal of graffiti from all assets as quickly as possible; and

Designing Out Graffiti – encourage adoption of 'Designing out Graffiti' principles in the design and management of built and landscaped environments.

Goal 3: To ensure all graffiti vandalism is reported

Goodbye Graffiti Hotline and Website – operate and maintain reporting systems;

Community Awareness and Engagement – Provide information to community/ stakeholders about graffiti reporting, cleanup and prevention strategies, through the Goodbye Graffiti website, the provision of awareness raising campaigns and stakeholder workshops; and

Goodbye Graffiti Resources – Graffiti resources available to assist with campaigns;

Goodbye Graffiti Database – Development of a centralised online service for reporting all graffiti incidents that will improve the passage of information to frontline Police Officers.


The evaluation report on the Tough on Graffiti Strategy to assess the impact of the strategy initiatives is available for viewing by clicking on Evaluation of Tough on Graffiti Strategy 2011 - 2015.

The West Australian Government's response to Graffiti vandalism has received a silver award in the police-led category of the 2017 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards.