Western Australian State Governments, since the early 1990s, have attempted to address graffiti proliferation using different methods and management models. Despite this investment in the delivery of previous initiatives, public concern continues to grow and so does the burden of state-wide graffiti removal costs.

A more comprehensive approach was adopted by the Government, commencing with the establishment of a State Graffiti Taskforce, the allocation of additional resources to the WA Police Force Graffiti Team, the development of the Tough on Graffiti Strategy 2015-2017, which is now replaced with The Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2019 - 2021.

Under the guidance of the Taskforce, the Strategy provides a framework through which new and existing graffiti management initiatives can be implemented state-wide. The Strategy forms the current guiding document for the delivery of all graffiti vandalism initiatives in Western Australia.